Who Are We

GoGreen Farms is a mission driven organization for sustainable, local farm foods that offers a smarter and healthier alternative to the traditional agribusiness industry. We forge close relationships with local farmers and provide essential services aimed to assist in the distribution of fresh, high quality food, to be sold to restaurants, retailers, local school districts and other institutions. 


Breon Clemons

Breon is the CEO & President of GoGreen Farms and Greenhouses. His goal is to share his passion for health and wellness by bringing opportunity, innovation, education, and diversity to the community through a unique sustainable food system.

Paul Angelo Cunanan

Paul is the Vice President of GoGreen Farms and Greenhouses. Before moving to Virginia Beach in 2003, Paul Angelo was born in the Philippines and raised in Massachusetts. With a father who was raised on subsistence farming, relocation to Virginia beach has exposed Paul to the improvements on agricultural techniques along with the benefits of organic farming.


Our passion sparked because businesses found it challenging to access a consistent supply of local foods and the community lacked the accessibility and affordability of fresh, local foods. 


Ellen Matthews

Ellen Matthews


GoGreen Farms and Greenhouses grew out of a community-supporter discussion that identified a need for greater linkage between small family farms and institutions seeking local food.

Leandra D. Selah

While growing-up in different countries & being exposed to their individualistic cultures, Leandra wishes to help others live a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle by sharing her combination of knowledge and experiences within the industries. Her goal is to encourage and educate a means of "clean" farming practices and self-care choices --- featuring industrial hemp & its vast uses & benefits. 

Leandra D. Selah

In-House Team

Courtney Thompson

Accounts Receivable Director


Courtney grew up in over 8 different states with a chef as a father. During those times, she was able to experience different cultures and foods while learning the importance of quality ingredients - not only for taste, but for health as well. Out of all the places she's lived, Hampton Roads will always be considered home to her and is excited to be a part of a progressive company that shares the same values while benefiting the local community

Chandalae Cain

Accounts Payable Director


Chandalae has lived in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia all of her life. She graduated from UVA, and lived a short stint in Polson, Montana where she grew a passion for self/farmer grown fresh foods. She is excited to continue that love with her work at GoGreen Farms! 

Alliannah Hamilton

Marketing & Branding Director


Alliannah was raised in Virginia & Texas and became passionate in mental health while obtaining her fine arts degree at Old Dominion University. She is an advocate of natural living and pushing ways to live healthy by tending to life internally.

Haley Anderson

Payroll Director payroll@gogreenfarms757.com

Haley was born and raised in Williamsburg, VA. She currently lives in New Kent, where she was introduced to a more rural way of living. Working for GoGreen sparked a passion in Haley to learn sustainable and healthier ways of living that she can adopt for her and her daughter.