GoGreen’s Partnered Farms that Sell Farm Raised Meats!

People tend to assume that #FarmtoTable only applies to fresh produce. It’s important to consume farm grown foods because it assures that you receive all the nutrients that are packed in that particular food. This applies to fresh produce and meats!

Farm raised meats ensures that your meats have no antibotics, no hormones, and were not raised through abuse. Farm raised meats makes sure the quality of life for your meats were at its highest. Let’s face it, I would perfer to eat meat that lived a happy life rather than an abused one from a factory who’s main source of fulfillment is to get them in, out, & make a dollar.

If you are from Virginia, #GoGreen actually partners with different farms to bring community access to farm grown foods. While we currently only work with school systems and a few restaurants, you can purchase meats directly from our partnered farms.

Here are our partnered farms to acquire your farm grown meats:


St. Brides, VA

Big House Farm sells chicken & turkeys!

You can purchase straight from their website at


Suffolk, VA

Full Quiver Farms raises Brown Eggs, Chicken, Pork, Beef, & Milk. They ensure no hormones or antibiotics

Check out for more information.


Machipongo, VA

Quail Cove Farms offers sweet potatoes, grains & flours, fresh meats & cheeses.

Check out for more information

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