• Aaron Johnson

Detox Drinks

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Detoxing is beneficial to help weight loss, boost your energy and immune system, and improve your overall lifestyle. There are many different immune boosters you can make as detox drinks that help in different areas of your life.

Some include:

Lime water x Cucumber

This detox drink helps to improve & repair the skin. Make a large pitcher of spring or alkaline water mixed with slices of lime and cucumber and drink 2 glasses per day.

Lime water x Mint

Lime, water, and mint helps to improve digestion. When changing your lifestyle to a more healthier and balanced diet your digestion might change and become a hassle to deal with. Drink this water to help balance your digestive system and to help breakdown meats and other compounds that are harder on the human body system.

Lime Water x Ginger (Weightlost)

Lime, water, and ginger is a #GoGreen favorite. Ginger is an all around super nutrient than helps in many areas of our lives. You can juice, puree, and powder ginger to add it to drinks and foods. Make a pitcher or lime, water, and ginger to drink daily as an aid to weightloss, allergies, and overall health boost.

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