Autumn Produce - What to eat

Many fruits and vegetables are grown seasonally and to maximize their benefits it's best to eat them at a time they are most ripe. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are specific to their region, so seasonal produce in Virginia will be different than the seasonal produce in California. If you want to get the purest nutrition, look up the fruits and vegetables that are seasonal in your area.

In Virginia, the produce that are most nutritious in the Autumn season include:


apples • Asian pears • beets • broccoli • Brussels sprouts • cabbage • cucumbers • grapes • green beans • greens • herbs • pears • peppers • potatoes • pumpkins • raspberries • spinach • squash • sweet potatoes.


apples • broccoli • butternut squash • greens • peppers • spinach • winter • squash.


butternut squash • greens • spinach

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